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TMK corporation Co., Ltd. is a staffing / temporary staffing company.
We propose various ways of working according to each lifestyle regardless of sex and age.
There are also many jobs for foreigners.
About the work, it is the same remuneration same treatment as Japanese workers.
We will interview applicants for free, and after having asked our experience and skills so far, we will introduce the work that suits your needs. We will also give advice on living in Japan and business etiquette.
Registration is required for job placement applications.
Please contact us at the e-mail address below.
Registration is free.

“support system”
1. Training system
We teach Japanese useful for everyday conversation and work with our own educational program so as not to be isolated due to lack of communication.
We also offer training programs for skills and knowledge that are necessary at workplaces.

2. Improve working environment
There is a consultation window at the time of trouble, and we will work together to solve what we want you to improve what you are having trouble with during work. As an adviser’s lawyer is also safe to investigate and negotiate at the time of labor troubles such as injuries during work or chronic long-term labor.

3. Social insurance system complete
Because we subscribe to social insurance (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, labor insurance), we are thoroughly prepared for injuries and diseases / unemployment of workers themselves and their families.
In addition, you can also get paid holidays under the same conditions as Japanese-style employment.
Since there is a social insurance labor consultant, consultation and procedures etc can be done swiftly.

4. About the status of residence
Regarding staying, we are working with professional counselors.
We will support you to work safely in Japan.

“About TMK corporation”
It is a Job Support Service that has undergone permission from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and develops business based on law. Furthermore, since we are working in cooperation with administrative and non-profit corporations, we can consult workers conscientiously.

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